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    Every month
    Monthly Membership
    • weekly team trainings
    • intensive & extra trainings
    • join one of my Lady Styling courses for free
    • free access to my choreo tutorials
    • free access to my training videos

Do you want to level up your dance performance? IK Ladies Team is a Bachata Lady Style show group coached and trained by Kira. This is an intensive training, where you will learn a choreography, which in the end will be performed at different events and competitions. The focus of this training is to challenge yourself and work towards becoming a better dancer. You will improve your performance skills by working on attitude, precision, technique, power, confidence and much more... ​ CASTINGS: - Our next casting will take place in January 2024. If you would like to do a casting on another date, please contact me (Kira). SHOW SEASON: - Our show seasons always last for one year and start in January. The first 6 months we learn the choreography and practice it, while the following 6 months are planned for shows, projects, videos and training. TRAINING: - Your monthly membership includes extra intensive trainings and show preparations. The exact dates will be decided with the group participants. We normally do them before our performances. - With the IK LADIES TEAM you will also do some video, dance projects and much more.. - Extra trainings for special projects or show trainings for older choreos are free for the team. If you are not part of the team, each training lasts 2 hours and costs 20 CHF.  - By being part of the team, you can join one of my Lady Styling courses for free.  - You will also get free access to my choreo tutorials and training videos. *Please wear comfortable sporty clothes for the trainings, bring your heels and don’t forget your water! DISCIPLINE & HARD WORK: - If you want to improve, level up and become the best version of yourself, it is very important that you also train and practice on your own. - Please be on time for the trainings and try not to miss them! - “We do today what they won’t, so tomorrow we can accomplish what they can’t.” Staying disciplined will make you succeed! EXTRA COSTS: - Dance heels: Tan or brown dance heels, with or without stones. I recommend you to wear 7.5cm or 8cm heels. It’s always good to have 2 pairs: one for trainings and the other one for the shows. - Costumes: Our show costumes will be max. 250 CHF - Make-up: You will need make-up, fake eyelashes, etc.. for our shows.

Highland Dance & Fitness

Leimgrubenweg 4-6

4053 Basel

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